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Hey hey howdy, im cereal, and this is my website. =) This is my little corner of the www where i do stuff, say stuff, and listen to stuff. I made this site on a whim because i was bored (as always), and i have zero clue on how to do html, so this place is gonna look pretty grim for quite a while. There's not much to see here yet since this website is a wip, but uhhhh stay tuned for more in the future i guess

Ima try to update this place often, especially because only my homepage is fully done, but unfortunately i have a life to live so i'll try my hardest to keep this dumpster fire interesting. Im probably gonna stop hyperfixating on this site at some point, but im really proud of my webbed site, and thats all that matters to my right now.

I've been getting significantly better at html and css (thank god), so there's lots of cool and epic updates in the making. As of February 2022, ive been updating this site every other day, and since i have nothing better to do with my life, it's not really affecting me yet. Theres nothing much to do here yet but u can go to the about me page if u wanna know more about yours truly. (pls im begging u go check it out i worked on it for 4 days straight)

how this website came to be

At least one of the four viewers of this site are probably asking, "Hey, how did this website even come to be? How did it get blasted into the eternal pitch - black abyss of the world wide web?" And, to be fair, I don't really know the answer to that question myself. It all started when i started getting rlly interested in the old web, and wanted to find some 2000s themed sites.

On this quest to find such websites, i ended up encountering neocities. The website i had found was raining-starss, and thanks to them, my awesome site is here today!! I thought it was rlly cool that people were keeping the geocities legacy alive, and a couple months later i made a website!! Im genuinely so so proud of my site so far and i wouldnt trade it 4 the world :))

If you've been putting off making a website or whatever, i highly recommend you do it while you can. its really fun and its like having your own little home on the web (which sounds really really awesome in my opinion) and you only have one life to live anyway. BRING BACK PERSONAL WEBSITES!!!! MODERN WEBSITE LAYOUTS SUCK!! WEEBLY IS BORING!!!! If you think so too, go here if you wanna learn html and css in a tutorial made by neocities themselves!! Also, go here if you wanna sign up for a neocities account. You wont regret it :]

webrings n stuffs =)

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